This article was interesting to me because most of these myths are actually true and most company’s do, do these things and surprisingly enough they do more harm than good. Its not surprising to see teachers and bosses encourage students and workers to multitask. simply humans cannot. we actually learn to move rapidly between tasks.

Most schools and teacher live my these myths and wonder why their students cannot live up to the expectation that has been given on them. Also teachers give students group work to do in class and the students do not know when to turn it in because the teacher does not tell them. This causes anxiety and some teachers think it gives the student some initiative to getting work done. I think teachers should give students a due date for every class work, homework and project so they can plan out how they are going finish them.

I hope schools and teachers will take in my words and thoughts as to what they should do to teach students. I also give credit to this article: Which gave me the inspiration to write this. Thank you for reading my article and thinking about my opinions.