I think that New Year’s resolutions are really hard to commit to. Most people do not follow through with their goal. This is because they are not attainable and people do not give a reasonable time for them to reach them.

However, I have a solution to most of your problems. It is called SMART goals. The “S” is for specific, your resolution should state something specific not, ” I am going to get in shape” but rather, ” I am going to lose three pounds by the end of the month”. This is not only specific, but measurable, which leads to the next letter, “M”. The letter,”A” stands for actionable. You have to commit to your resolution. You cant just give up. It also has to be realistic, which is, “R”. This means that your resolution cant be something like, “I am going to lose 50 pounds by tomorrow”. “T” is for timely. You must give your self a reasonable amount of time to achieve your goal.

If you follow these instructions your New Year’s resolution will be easier to achieve. You will not only Achieve your goal, but you are going to feel better about yourself and you will be happier in general.