I chose an article form Texas Tech’s website. It talks about college students and regular people in general getting hacked by PROFESSIONAL hackers. Not those one in a million type of guess. They actually track you for a period of time looking at things you post that relate to your security question.

Hacks are more common today when more and more people are using Facebook and Twitter. Especially when digital media classrooms are popping up across the nation. Many students forget to log out of their account and other students can take control over it. Luckily websites that require accounts are improving account information and more security question which can get annoying, but it is worth it when you’re trying to protect your   credit card or basic information form predators.

All in all think about what you post on Facebook or Twitter. Think about what could happen if you post your status update. Never give out your basic information to strangers and never mention your password (obviously) and always be aware of cyberspace. Also visit http://today.ttu.edu/2011/11/cyber-security-creates-issues-for-college-students/