A Troubled Peace book review

If you liked the action packed book “Under a War-Torn Sky” then you will love the sequel, “A Troubled Peace” by L.M. Elliott. In the book an American soldier named Henry goes back to war-torn Europe to try to find Pierre and all the other heroic civilians that helped him escape Nazi imprisonment. Henry embarks on yet another adventurous journey to help the people who had yet graciously helped him before.

This is a book perfect for those people who want to read exciting adventures of daring people who risk their lives to help others. Not only does Henry have to find a way to get into Europe after his discharge from the Air Force, but he has to stay undercover from Nazi soldiers and other people who have thoughts to harm him.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to find out what Europe was like during world war two and to just have a good book to read. The writing style of the author is about a middle school level for anyone ages 11-14.