alliteration-repetition of initial consonant sounds EX: Dressy Daffodiles

appositive-   is a noun or noun phrase that renames another noun right beside it EX: the insect, a large, hairy-legged cockroach that has spied my bowl of oatmeal, is crawling across the kitchen table

characterization- the act of creating and developing a character EX: The English teacher is a very smart and funny person and hopefully she will give me extra credit points for the semester exam

diction- the correct pronunciation of words and vowel sounds EX: there is no single/correct diction in the English language

imagery- words or phrases that appeal to one or more of the five senses EX: the beautiful rushing water tasted so pure that it instantaneously hydrated me

metaphor- figure of speech in which something is as though it were something else EX: The flower was a pipe

noun- person, place or thing EX: Stephen, Chicago,  french fries

personification –  when non-human a subject is given human traits EX: the flower was dancing with the wind

plot- sequence of events in a story EX: exposition-> rising action-> climax-> falling action-> resolution

symbolism- use of symbols EX: sunlight is a symbol for hope

synonym- same meaning of another word EX: a synonym for stupid is dumb

theme-  is a broad idea, message, or moral of a story EX: always work hard to achieve your goal

tone- writers attitude toward his or her readers EX: The stupid dog had only three leg and all I wanted to do was give it away, but i couldn’t

transitions-  words and phrases that serve as bridges from on idea to the next EX: for example, additionally, furthermore, for instance