I think that this article is fascinating mostly because this shuttle was so close to Stefanie Gorden’s plane. While on a plane to Palm Beach after a disappointing Yankees loss to the Red Sox, Gorden took a photo of a space shuttle while in flight out of the Earth’s atmosphere. It landed her right in a legal debate that may determine the future of the Internet.

I think that people should consider was copyrighting actually is. If two people claim that they took a picture of the same thing then I think they should have the right to challenge the other person. In this generation newspapers are rapidly meeting its extinction and virtual reality is being born. This means that it is easier to copy someones work. I think as long as someone doesn’t claim that the piece of work is theirs than its okay to have other peoples work in yours.

I hope that congress will not pass SOPA and PIPA because I think it will hurt the Internet economically and socially. People need to calm down and think thoroughly before acting and making everybody mad. This situation basically calls for the honesty policy. People know when something is theirs or is not, but other people may not.