Keurig is the one of the most famous coffee makers, but like all good things there is a down side. The little cups used for making the coffee are known as K-cups and are used for only one cup of coffee and is showing the Earth it is an environmental problem. The K-cups are difficult to recycle because it is made of three parts, plastic, heat sealed paper filter, and a polyethylene-coated aluminum foil making it not biodegradable.

“Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal has reported that 9 billion cartridges have been sold. Keurig said it doesn’t make that information public, but it did say sales of K-Cups more than doubled in 2011 over 2010. The company confronts the green issue head-on, saying on its website: “As the single-cup coffee market and our Keurig brewing systems grow in popularity, we understand that the impact of the K-Cup portion pack waste stream is one of our most significant environmental challenges.””, said the Los Angeles Times.

Little plastic cups used for coffee isn’t the only thing destroying our environment. In most of today’s world you can’t even drive down a rode without spotting a piece of trash on the side of the rode. Not only that, but most people use things one time and not thinking about other things it could be used for. You could use an old shoe box to store some loose change and a T.V. box for your kid to play in.

Scientists are developing things that could help reduce the amount of cups used. For instance the company sells a reusable filter cartridge, called My K-Cup. It works the same way as the disposable cartridge but must is filled with coffee and washed out like an ordinary filter. These are not the only things that work. One women on Youtube known as Madrosed demonstrates in a video how to reuse a K-cup up to ten times. These and other clever inventions by ordinary people can help reduce the amount of cups used and help our environment.