Anthony Omari received the 11-stitch scar that runs from his forehead to his upper lip by a sharp long sword-like weapon called a machete, while defending a poor Kenyan orphanage from attackers. After 21 year old Ben Hardwick heard about this heroic story while on an intern to Kenya, he decided to raise money for the orphanage. Like him, one should help people for one self and not for attention, do something that makes you happy.

According to the article in My, “After Hardwick posted a picture of Omari and his scar, users of the website Reddit donated more than $80,000 to help the orphanage’s defenses. Less than a week after the attack, new locks were bought, two night guards were hired, and more than a dozen construction workers were put to work building a new 8-foot fence. Hardwick said he is seeking advice from financial advisers on how to best spend the money. He shows off receipts for recent purchases like new padlocks. He says he wants his donors to know he’s not wasting their money.” So how can one person make a difference when encountering a social challenge?

Many social challenges are happening right now, whether its having few friends or being constantly bullied and harassed by their peers. You can change someone life by taking action. You could try to stop the bullying yourself by telling a teacher or adult and not bully the victim yourself. You can also invite them over to your lunch table or invite them to your house and actually getting to know them better than whats shown.