So it turns out that the “LOL’s” and “OMG’s” can take a toll on how you spell and how big your vocabulary actually is. A study conducted by Joan Lee showed that those who texted more were not discovering new words. Those who read more books, magazines and newspapers were able to accept new words easily into their vocabulary. How can we teach students to expand their vocabulary by using everyday things in life.

According to this article about texting, “Our assumption about text messaging is that it encourages unconstrained language.” says Lee. I agree with this because texting can be very efficient to use but different versions of a word can effect some people on how they spell the word. “The people who accepted more words did so because they were better able to interpret the meaning of the word, or tolerate the word, even if they didn’t recognize the word. Students who reported texting more rejected more words instead of acknowledging them as possible words.” I feel that some people in my class who read a lot of books and also text can actually understand and know more sophisticated words rather than the people who don’t read many books.

This may be because if words are in the book more than once than it may be easier to understand using context clues. People should take responsibility on how they can expand their vocabulary. For those people who cant stand a minute without their phone they could download an audio book an listen to it wherever they go. Just listening to these words and using context clues to figured them out can help expand and improve their vocabulary. It can also help them on future tests so they won’t have to look it up in a dictionary (A.K.A WWW). They can also know words on television. I know this because this was how my sister started learning English when she fist moved to America.

These unique words can actually help them in important tests such as the SAT. The more words you now the easier to understand sophisticated books such as the Bible or Shakespeare. petting is becoming part of people’s every day lives. Elementary school students are starting to text. Words are becoming shorter and people are upuppy abbreviations instead of the right thing.  If institutions are worried that peoples vocabulary will be limited then would the inventions of vocabulary tests be mandatory?