So would you rather want students holding 30 pound books on their back costing up to $70 and risking it being out of date, or would you rather have a sleek, lightweight, and very portable electronic device such as an Apple Ipad tablet? Although books can be more authentic and won’t need to charge every now and then, but tablets can be used much more effective if known how to use.

According to,” Digital books are viewed as a way to provide interactive learning, potentially save money and get updated material faster to students.” FCC chairman Julius Genachowski also stated,”When a student reads a textbook and gets to something they don’t know, they are stuck, working with the same material on a digital textbook, when they get to something they don’t know, the device can let them explore, it can show them what a word means, how to solve a math problem that they couldn’t figure out how to solve.” I agree with all of this. A tablet can allow a student to look up things that he or she cannot understand rather than asking a teacher. This also saves the teacher time.

Even though tablets can be expensive to convert to and can have technical issues they have proven that not only are they used for entertainment they can also be used for educational purposes. People can now download textbooks instantly right in front of your eyes. They can be cheaper and you won’t have to pay extra for faster shipping. Not only can text books be downloaded easy downloads also help the environment because there won’t be any need for shipping.

Technology is advancing very quick so technical issues would reduce dramatically. If schools were to have enough money to buy these tablets than why can’t schools all across the nation switch? This may be due to the economic slump the whole nation is experiencing. Schools can acquire these electronics by fundraising like selling concessions at a football game or by advertising companies. Many people already have iPad and iPods so teachers can ask them to bring them to school and download the books on their devices. Soon books and newspapers will become rare and might even disappear and tablets will take over.