I disagree that school aged children are less environmentally aware then older generations because many people really care about the environment until the past couple decades. Even though schools are trying to get kids to help the environment many forget about it at home.

The poles are melting and the older generation is dying. Some classes in school try to help the environment by building gardens and picking up trash, but do these students actually do these things at home?  Will the environment have to get tragically worse until the young generation can realize that they have been slowly destroying the environment? Kids need to help the environment, but how can we get them to participate not only at school but at home? Students can be capable of being aware to their surroundings, they can make a difference.

“Millennials also were the least likely to say they’d made an effort to conserve electricity and fuel used to heat their homes.” I disagree with this statement in the article because I try to remember to turn off lights when we go out to dinner and don’t let the water running when I brush my teeth. Even though sometimes I forget, I get reminded to turn them off when i’m not using them. Reminders should be used more often even though it can be annoying. “A lot of young people also simply don’t spend that much time exploring nature”, said Beth Christensen. This, I also disagree. Even though the inventions of Xbox’s and PS3’s are making teens more likely to stay inside, many still go outside to play catch or toss a football. If you live in a crowded city where there isn’t much space to do anything active then run around a block or just walk outside and study the environment around you. See how you can help the environment around you improve.

People who have been around longer have matured and have more knowledge about our Earth. This means that if we could inform our young generation than they could be more informed. This makes teens more aware on what to do to help our environment. The article states that is was unusual to find somebody who hadn’t been hiking in the 1980’s and now it was unusual to see somebody who had hiked. This is false because many teens participate in sports such as school football and soccer. They see missing tree stumps and construction workers tearing away nature and replacing it with man made things.

At the rate we are headed global warming will not stop and continue to get worse unless the generation now and the ones to come take a stand. This also means that teachers and parents are going to have to give students information. This may mean that teenagers need to learn to mature. They need to help even if its just recycling one plastic bottle of water. It may not seem like an important situation, but we need to stop the problem early before it gets big enough cause new forms of diseases and destroy mother nature.