Learn, practice and learn then practice again. This is what many people do when they practice. Alaa Ahmed and two of her colleagues are scientists that preformed an experiment. This experiment proved that the more you learn something the less of an effort has to be used in order to accomplish a task. In order to become better at something, you have to practice even when you don’t notice any changes in how you preformed a task. The thing that Ahmed and her colleagues were able to show, was that you improve at something, sometimes without even knowing it. You will  always get better even if it is only minuscule.

In this article, children were used to preform an unusual task they have never performed before. When doing this, Ahmed pointed out that the kids used mass amounts of brain power thus meaning that oxygen levels were higher. However, after performing the same task many times over, the children’s brain energy reduced and the kids still got the same result. This is because when you keep practicing you improve even if you don’t even notice. If you keep practicing and improve, good things will always come out.

There are certain requirements that need to be met when you want to improve at something. To me saying that you have become a professional or a master at something, you have to be able to meet the expectations almost without thinking. For example, when you touch a hot surface you don’t need to think if your hand is burning. Your nervous system automatically sends messages to your brain telling it that something is wrong. Even if your not tech savy, if you use your phone more often, the easier it is to navigate through it.

Practice comes to a point when you don’t even have to think to even perform a task. Eventually it comes to a point when a certain person doesn’t want to practice because they consider themselves perfect. Truth is, is that you always get better. The only way you get worse is to not practice! You can always improve. If you practice to the point where you are better than most people can call professional then maybe you may want to start looking into the task in the future and possibly make a living out of it.