“But I don’t want to practice any more!” These are the familiar cries of children and maybe adults who cannot stand another second of practicing. Many people think that once you know something to a certain level then there is no need to relearn the skill. Studies where done by Doctor Ahmed from the University of Colorado-Boulder. It says that these statements are wrong. It turns out that practicing more is the key to perfecting something and to understand things in more detail.

You shouldn’t just study something until you think you should stop. You should go even further, keep practicing until you can do a certain thing without even thinking about it. The truth behind this is that the more practice you do on a certain subject, the more muscle memory your brain develops. Professor Ahmed’s studies states that, the way we find that muscle memory is the main way you remember something.

I find this true because whenever I practice my Clarinet I improve every time and I often find myself repeating the same lines over and over again until I basically memorize my music. This is because the neural processes tend to become more “fine-tuned” according to Ahmed’s studies. From practicing sports or practicing an instrument I believe that not only does over-practicing make things easier for you to do, it also make your brain faster and more familiar at what you are attempting to do.

Overall, practicing is an advantage that only a few people can stand and is a good skill to learn and master. It could be the difference in going into the major leagues or losing it to someone who seems to put more effort at it. Having the physical and mental mentality it takes to over practice us overall beneficial and good for you. It may seem to have no point, but the results are worthwhile. If you want to be the best in your class there is no such thing as too much practice.