Once again bullying has taken another suffering victim in its growing death toll. This time it was 14-year-old Kenneth Weishuhn Jr. After many horrid phone calls and comments made online the freshman took his life on April 15. An Iowa newspaper dedicated its whole front page on its Sunday special edition on an anti-bullying article. Weishuhn’s death is another example of just how bad bullying can be in parts of our country. Just making banners and talking about students who have taken their life because another peer was talking bad about him can help encourage a student to take a stand on bullying.

You shouldn’t just say that bullying is bad. Take a stand when you see someone being bullied. Editor Mitch Pugh stated that they have run many front-page editorials but has never dedicated the entire page  to one. Dedicating the whole page to this has really made a stand to the people in this community. It caught their attention and now has spread to many websites. Just posting this on their front page can ignite a whole lot of talk about bullying.

Even though students are not worthy of much T.V. attention a whole school or even a whole district that makes a stand to bullying can catch an eye of a reporter or journalist. Pugh stated that public education is absolutely vital to addressing bullying and harassment in schools and adding that pressure to a community could push schools to do more. This has definitely had an impact on my school. My school has had many major projects that has had to do about bullying and other social issues in the world and the message has spread and students are becoming more informed about the issue.

Everybody can take a stand by helping a victim or to even stop being the bully. This could lower death rates. If you don’t like somebody that is fine, but always respect everyone you meet. Weishuhn did not die in vein. His death will remind everybody that people can make other people feel so useless to such an extent that they don’t even consider life anymore.