In this meeting both Jose and Eric had read the rest of the book. So we had a better understanding on Katniss and Peeta, and a better view of the brutality the capitol was willing to unleash to entertain a crowd. We considered the idea of what if our government punishing our people by watching their citizens kill each other. Eric and Jose were a little quiet during the conversation, but made good points. Jose stated that this would go against our constitutional rights. Eric said that if this happened it would make American citizens rebel even more. I said that this would go against everything that we fought for in the American Revolution and that America was the country of freedom. We also talked about how it is already  happening in today’s world. Wrestling, Boxing, and MMA are all smaller, less minor forms of what is going on in the Hunger Games. Paul said that ,”All of these have a similarity: they all have athletes competing and that the people who are watching don’t care if these people get hurt or are nearly dead, they just want a good show.” There are also differences between these competitions. The people who are looking like they might die  any second also do this for their job and want to do it. In the Hunger Games these are randomly chosen contestants who like it or not.

Next time we will talk about what Katniss and Peeta will do in the future and talk about why the people in the capitol like watching children kill each other. We will talk about the theme of the book and what the reader should learn out of it. We will also talk about what Eric and Jose think about the relationship between Katniss and Peeta and what Peeta thinks about the careers and how Katniss felt when she saw Peeta with them. We will talk about why Peeta thought joining the careers would be the right thing to do to save Katniss.