Imagine if you were singing a popular song that played on the radio almost everywhere you went and was accused of harassment. Well this happened to a six year-old-boy named D’Avonte Meadows, a first-grader at Sable Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado. When singing “Sexy and I know it” by the group LMFAO to a girl, D’Avante was accused of sexual harassment and was suspended for three days. Both parents were astonished and are demanding the school to drop the charges. Schools should go easier on the punishments depending on what he or she was accused of.

Singing a popular song is no where near sexual harassment and the punishment for D’Avante got for it was harsh. This accusation may be put on D’Avante’s school record for the rest of his life and can potentially ruin his chances for a good job. As long as elementary school students understand and follow the rules they should have the same rights to free speech as adults according to attorney Craig Silverman. He also said that school policies should allow for some leeway. This leeway will warn the students what the punishment for this is if they repeatedly do it again and again.

This sometimes happens in my school, depending on what type of student you are. Such as a straight A student who has never gotten in trouble in their life or the more slacker student who doesn’t really care about school. First impressions take on a big meaning when people see you. I have seen teachers give leeway to students who they like more. Some teachers overreact and give things such as detentions for doing  little things like mumbling or not answering one problem on their homework.

Punishments will be decided on what kind of teacher you have. The overall rules are just set in place and the teacher decides whether or not the student is following them. Teachers should always treat everybody fairly and should put their personal emotions behind them. So what do you think what teachers should do? What should teachers do so that they can fairly treat students and give students the appropriate treatment?