In this book club meeting we talked about why the people in the Capitol liked watching children kill each other. Jose said that this was because that all that capitol people wanted was a good show and the capitol needed a way of telling the districts that they have complete over them and not to have another uprising. Paul said that it was because the capitol did not know the feeling of killing anyone and that they live in complete luxury and don’t what losing a family member can impact a family that lives day by day. We also talked about why Haymitch was an alcoholic. Stephen thought the alcohol was meant to ease off the pain of losing his family as stated in the second book. I was also thinking the same thing. I also thought that Haymitch drank because he was to ashamed because there hadn’t been a victor in district 12 in many decades. We also talked about the main theme of the Hunger Games. There were many different answers. Eric said that the main theme was to stay strong and never give up when things are not in your favor. Jake said that it was to thinking before you act. He said that this was because Katniss’s mother had given up on her and Prim when their father died and Katniss was basically raising Prim all by herself. This theme also happened when Katniss and Peeta were in the arena and Peeta “betrayed” her and joined the careers when really he was trying to protect her from them. Mckie said that the theme was about having the right to free speech and that the districts should have the right to talk bad about the capitol.