1. The man was dipping his beard into the water and cleaning the streets with it. This was interesting to me becuse it showed what the nazis would do to innocent Jewish people and show how much hatred they had in them.

2. Milkweed showed many challenges in the ghetto. Even though it was a sad time for most people in the ghetto many people still celebrated holidays such as Hanukkah.They went out of their way to find things such as candles and cande holders. It also showed how people got their food and how to hide it so the nazis would not kill them.

3. I think that bullying is a big part of today’s world. This is kind of like what the nazis did to the Jews. They pick random people to pick on and do many crule things to them. To me persecution is not over it happens very where every day. Bullying is just another for of persecution.


So it turns out that the “LOL’s” and “OMG’s” can take a toll on how you spell and how big your vocabulary actually is. A study conducted by Joan Lee showed that those who texted more were not discovering new words. Those who read more books, magazines and newspapers were able to accept new words easily into their vocabulary. How can we teach students to expand their vocabulary by using everyday things in life.

According to this article about texting, “Our assumption about text messaging is that it encourages unconstrained language.” says Lee. I agree with this because texting can be very efficient to use but different versions of a word can effect some people on how they spell the word. “The people who accepted more words did so because they were better able to interpret the meaning of the word, or tolerate the word, even if they didn’t recognize the word. Students who reported texting more rejected more words instead of acknowledging them as possible words.” I feel that some people in my class who read a lot of books and also text can actually understand and know more sophisticated words rather than the people who don’t read many books.

This may be because if words are in the book more than once than it may be easier to understand using context clues. People should take responsibility on how they can expand their vocabulary. For those people who cant stand a minute without their phone they could download an audio book an listen to it wherever they go. Just listening to these words and using context clues to figured them out can help expand and improve their vocabulary. It can also help them on future tests so they won’t have to look it up in a dictionary (A.K.A WWW). They can also know words on television. I know this because this was how my sister started learning English when she fist moved to America.

These unique words can actually help them in important tests such as the SAT. The more words you now the easier to understand sophisticated books such as the Bible or Shakespeare. petting is becoming part of people’s every day lives. Elementary school students are starting to text. Words are becoming shorter and people are upuppy abbreviations instead of the right thing.  If institutions are worried that peoples vocabulary will be limited then would the inventions of vocabulary tests be mandatory?

“But I don’t want to!”, these are the familiar cries of children and teens and maybe even adults who cannot stand another minute of practicing their instrument or sport. It turns out that there is no such thing as too much practice.  There is always a positive side when you practice, but never negative, you get better every minute you practice even if it’s just a little.

According to the Journal of Neuroscience, “Assistant professor Alaa Ahmed and two of her colleagues in the integrative physiology department at the University of Colorado-Boulder asked study subjects to move a cursor on a screen by manipulating a robotic arm.” Every time you do it, your brain remembers a little part of it, making you nervous system predict what you are going to do next thus making muscle movements more efficient.

I feel like this is true especially when playing an instrument. Every time I practice I always remember something useful, whether its notes or a rhythm. The next day I can improve or tweak the rhythm to what ever I like. Just remember there is no such thing as too much practice.

Anthony Omari received the 11-stitch scar that runs from his forehead to his upper lip by a sharp long sword-like weapon called a machete, while defending a poor Kenyan orphanage from attackers. After 21 year old Ben Hardwick heard about this heroic story while on an intern to Kenya, he decided to raise money for the orphanage. Like him, one should help people for one self and not for attention, do something that makes you happy.

According to the article in My Hero.com, “After Hardwick posted a picture of Omari and his scar, users of the website Reddit donated more than $80,000 to help the orphanage’s defenses. Less than a week after the attack, new locks were bought, two night guards were hired, and more than a dozen construction workers were put to work building a new 8-foot fence. Hardwick said he is seeking advice from financial advisers on how to best spend the money. He shows off receipts for recent purchases like new padlocks. He says he wants his donors to know he’s not wasting their money.” So how can one person make a difference when encountering a social challenge?

Many social challenges are happening right now, whether its having few friends or being constantly bullied and harassed by their peers. You can change someone life by taking action. You could try to stop the bullying yourself by telling a teacher or adult and not bully the victim yourself. You can also invite them over to your lunch table or invite them to your house and actually getting to know them better than whats shown.

Keurig is the one of the most famous coffee makers, but like all good things there is a down side. The little cups used for making the coffee are known as K-cups and are used for only one cup of coffee and is showing the Earth it is an environmental problem. The K-cups are difficult to recycle because it is made of three parts, plastic, heat sealed paper filter, and a polyethylene-coated aluminum foil making it not biodegradable.

“Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal has reported that 9 billion cartridges have been sold. Keurig said it doesn’t make that information public, but it did say sales of K-Cups more than doubled in 2011 over 2010. The company confronts the green issue head-on, saying on its website: “As the single-cup coffee market and our Keurig brewing systems grow in popularity, we understand that the impact of the K-Cup portion pack waste stream is one of our most significant environmental challenges.””, said the Los Angeles Times.

Little plastic cups used for coffee isn’t the only thing destroying our environment. In most of today’s world you can’t even drive down a rode without spotting a piece of trash on the side of the rode. Not only that, but most people use things one time and not thinking about other things it could be used for. You could use an old shoe box to store some loose change and a T.V. box for your kid to play in.

Scientists are developing things that could help reduce the amount of cups used. For instance the company sells a reusable filter cartridge, called My K-Cup. It works the same way as the disposable cartridge but must is filled with coffee and washed out like an ordinary filter. These are not the only things that work. One women on Youtube known as Madrosed demonstrates in a video how to reuse a K-cup up to ten times. These and other clever inventions by ordinary people can help reduce the amount of cups used and help our environment.

I can make a diffefence by breaking up a fight with people or telling a teacher that something bad is going to happen after school and save people from getting hurt. Even though I would probably be branded as a snitch I would have saved peoplfor rom possibly dying.

This article is about how much you try to be successful rather than having high I.Q. scores. The more you put into it the more you get out. It doesn’t matter if your the smartest person in the class it matters how hard you try to push your self.

So how do people acquire high levels of skill in important subjects of life? Research shows that the big part of the answer is to practice and a lot of it. A high level of Intellectuall ability gives you an enourmouse real world andvantage.

You also have to have a high level of working memory capacity. Meaning that you can sight read music without having any difficulty  or something to that extent. A person with a higher working memory capacity will likely do better on a working memory test and further succed in life. So yes talent does matter but you can perfect your talents by practicing on what you like.

I think that this article was very interesting. Instructing kids and adults how to write a well formed essay and to keep their readers hooked in the article. The author relates writing to Spongebob and how each character relates to how people write. If you watch the show each character has their own personality, no one is the same. They are easy to remember and easy to relate to and I think that’s why it helps.

For example Mr. Krabs always is looking for ways to benefit himself instead of others. He may be a hard worker but he only does it for the money. This might relate to people who write for money instead for fun, otherwise they would be a Spongbob. Remember to write articles for others and not the money, write your own material, thoroughly go through your article for any grammatical errors and write use information that people will want to know, be fun and interactive with your readers and work hard every time you write an article.

This might be the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, but if you think about it, it actually helps. I hope that you will benefit from this and your writing styles will change. Also go check out this article that I wrote about.http://angelapaige.com/about-you/guest-posts/article-writing-tips-from-spongebob-squarepants/. Thanks for reading

I think that this article is fascinating mostly because this shuttle was so close to Stefanie Gorden’s plane. While on a plane to Palm Beach after a disappointing Yankees loss to the Red Sox, Gorden took a photo of a space shuttle while in flight out of the Earth’s atmosphere. It landed her right in a legal debate that may determine the future of the Internet.

I think that people should consider was copyrighting actually is. If two people claim that they took a picture of the same thing then I think they should have the right to challenge the other person. In this generation newspapers are rapidly meeting its extinction and virtual reality is being born. This means that it is easier to copy someones work. I think as long as someone doesn’t claim that the piece of work is theirs than its okay to have other peoples work in yours.

I hope that congress will not pass SOPA and PIPA because I think it will hurt the Internet economically and socially. People need to calm down and think thoroughly before acting and making everybody mad. This situation basically calls for the honesty policy. People know when something is theirs or is not, but other people may not.

alliteration-repetition of initial consonant sounds EX: Dressy Daffodiles

appositive-   is a noun or noun phrase that renames another noun right beside it EX: the insect, a large, hairy-legged cockroach that has spied my bowl of oatmeal, is crawling across the kitchen table

characterization- the act of creating and developing a character EX: The English teacher is a very smart and funny person and hopefully she will give me extra credit points for the semester exam

diction- the correct pronunciation of words and vowel sounds EX: there is no single/correct diction in the English language

imagery- words or phrases that appeal to one or more of the five senses EX: the beautiful rushing water tasted so pure that it instantaneously hydrated me

metaphor- figure of speech in which something is as though it were something else EX: The flower was a pipe

noun- person, place or thing EX: Stephen, Chicago,  french fries

personification –  when non-human a subject is given human traits EX: the flower was dancing with the wind

plot- sequence of events in a story EX: exposition-> rising action-> climax-> falling action-> resolution

symbolism- use of symbols EX: sunlight is a symbol for hope

synonym- same meaning of another word EX: a synonym for stupid is dumb

theme-  is a broad idea, message, or moral of a story EX: always work hard to achieve your goal

tone- writers attitude toward his or her readers EX: The stupid dog had only three leg and all I wanted to do was give it away, but i couldn’t

transitions-  words and phrases that serve as bridges from on idea to the next EX: for example, additionally, furthermore, for instance